Backstreet Boys 9th Album, “DNA” is FIRE and the 12 year old girl in me is screaming with excitement


I am extremely excited today. You might be saying to yourself, “well, me too it’s Friday.” Although that may be true, my excitement stems from another reason. THE BACKSTREET BOYS just dropped their 9th album, “DNA,” and it is AMAZING.



Yes, you read that right, The Backstreet Boys. Don’t hate. Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie and Kevin are back at it. I have loved them since I was a “tweenage” girl and never stopped twenty plus years later. Yes, they were a “Boy Band” but they were THE boy band and the ONLY one that has stayed together and had constant success their entire careers. The difference the Backstreet Boys have from other boy bands back in the 90s is that they ALL play multiple instruments and they write and produce their own music. They are the only boy band to stay together and go through life together this entire time and the only boy band who in my opinion has exercised real raw talent as a whole unit.


Think about other boy bands from the 90s? NSYNC was awesome and I’m a huge fan of Justin Timberlake, but that band only lasted so long and once Justin left, it was over. I can’t even tell you the names of half the people that were in that band. Same with 98 Degrees, Otown, LFO, 5ive, etc…


The Backstreet Boys have been together for over 25 years and sold over 130 millions albums world wide. At this point let’s call them a “Man Band.” They are the top selling and most successful boy band in the world. As soon as I saw that their new album, DNA dropped today, I immediately purchased it on iTunes to hear what kind of sound they went with this time around.

Now that the men are in their 40s, married with kids and having total say in their music, they have a different tone to their sound. This album is apparently their favorite one that they have ever made to date. The Backstreet Boys have pulled off an 80-date Las Vegas residency that has made an estimated $34 million and they are gearing up for their biggest world tour in two decades. I happen to be going to Vegas for my bachelorette party in September and plan on seeing them one night with my girls. This will be the 4th time I see them and I seriously CAN. NOT. WAIT.

I’ve had an opportunity to listen to the new album this morning and I absolutely love it. They have all different types of songs ranging from R&B to EDM to Pop to Country. It’s honestly amazing.

iTunes review is shown below:

To sum this whole thing up, the 12 year old girl in me is extremely happy right now, but the 31 year old woman in me is super excited that after almost 20 years of loving a boy band so much, I’m still just as excited to hear their music now as I was that long ago.

Me in August 2013 seeing BSB at PNC Art Center!!!

Also-here is a link to video of my friend and I jamming out to BSB in the car for your viewing entertainment:

You can’t NOT rock out to BACKSTREETS BACK when it comes on the radio!!

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