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Derek Carr Goes Full Oakland, Challenges Max Kellerman To UFC Fight

Max Kellerman was pronounced dead last week by way of Tedy Bruschi shoving his head in the toilet for a swirly. With the Patriots in the Super Bowl he should be very preoccupied with Tom Brady takes and Patriots Are Lucky storylines.

Kellerman decided to take a day off to make a few choice remarks Derek Carr’s way.

Derek Carr is typically a little emo, but it appears he might have lived in Oakland a little too long.

I don’t hate the idea, let players fight with reporters one time in their career. A Purge night of sorts. You get to pick the reporter and they have to accept. It would destroy the careers of guys like Stephen A Smith, Rob Parker and Max Kellerman because they would get their ass beat once a week. Maybe they’d start forcing themselves to actually believe in their takes. Skip could take Derek Carr though.



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