The Hall of Fame Selections Prove How Much of a Joke the Voting is

I should’ve seen this coming. Yesterday I blogged about the potential outlook of guys like Bonds and Clemens getting into Cooperstown. It was like the presidential race where all the polls pointed to them having a good chance, but the ole’ BBWAA geriatrics came in and fucked it all up at the last second.

It was too good to be true when half the votes were counted and Bonds, Clemens and even Schilling were sitting at 70%. I got my hopes up thinking to myself ‘No way they don’t finally do it. Enough younger writers are out voting for the true greats of the game to compensate for the old hats.’ Why I ever thought the BBWAA would come to their senses baffles me still. They can’t be trusted, or changed.

The one thing they did get right was Mariano Rivera being unanimous.

Yes, they got it right, but it’s a mistake that has been hanging over the BBWAA for a long time. There’s no reason certain greats should have ever been inducted with anything less than 100%. It only further shows how fickle the whole system is. There are no rules, it’s anarchy. For the longest time they’ve always talked about how hard it is to be a reliever and get it and that no one deserves 100%, yet they break both those ideas with Mo.

Which brings me to the greater point, if all these ideas are just benchmarks and blueprints and there are no rules, then why are we keeping out players that are clearly some of the greatest to ever walk on a diamond. It’s fucking ludicrous. Barry Bonds has hit more home runs than any person to ever walk the planet and because he used steroids, in a time where over 80% of the league was taking something to get an edge, we’re going to just say he can’t get in the Hall of Fame? Why? It makes no sense. He’s the best of a juiced generation. Who’s to say that guys like Mussina, Jim Thome, Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza and so many more from that time weren’t on something? It’s all a guessing game. I mean for fucks sake Vlad was just recently inducted last year. I love Vlad and need his son in the pros a year ago, but we’re just cool with saying he’s 100% never used steroids? For a bunch of old bags the BBWAA really needs to grow up. Accept the fact that the league was tainted for a long time and the league officials chose to look the other way. They will all get in eventually, why not be a part of the group that finally allows all-time greats to be amongst their peers in Cooperstown.

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