*JOB POSTING* – ISO Hotdogger

Jay Rogét

The job market is tough these days.  Have a college degree?  Not sure what to do with it?  Not sure what to do with your life?  Want to explore the United States of America?  Love talking about, and eating wieners?  This job could be for you!!!

Oscar Mayer is currently accepting resumes through January 31st for their next Hotdogger aka Wienermobile Driver aka Wiener Slinger.

This job looks so sick.  You drive a huge wiener around the country, pass out hot dogs to people, and take pictures with this huge meat missile.  Honestly, if I was looking to make a bold career change, I would absolutely apply for this job.

Requirements are as follows:  college degree, appetite for adventure, and an appetite for hot dogs.  I am literally all of those things.

It makes sense that they would want their candidate to have a college degree.  Where else could you possibly have more practice slinging wiener than at college?  Literally four straight years of either slinging wiener or having wieners in your mouth.  That’s the type of hands-on experience that employers are looking for these days.

Side Note:  if you’re one of those people who make a big deal about putting ketchup on your hot dog, saying it’s disgusting and unamerican, you can blow me.  I go ketchup and mustard on my hot dogs ALL DAY LONG.  @ me if you want.  IDGAF.

According to the job posting, not only would you drive the Wienermobile all around the country, you would also be a wiener ambassador.  Literally get to drive around the country, and tell everyone how great your wiener is.


I think I could absolutely knock this job out of the park.  Drive a huge wiener around the country, eat hot dogs all day long, and tell everyone about my wiener.  “Hi, my name is Jay.  Would you like to eat my wiener?”

Perfect fit.



Featured Photo – NBCDFW.COM


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