Are Saints Fans acting like Whiny Millennials?

Saints fans.. Saints Organization… Stop. Just stop.

I get it, this hurts… A lot. You had a trip to the Super Bowl ripped right from your hands. It was an obvious call that 9 out of 10 times is called.

But, shit happens. That is the human element of the game, the human element of every sport. You are 100000000% allowed to be upset, get angry, be pissed off.

You are allowed to yell, scream and vent on Twitter that night and even into the next day. However it’s now Wednesday and this shit is still going on, and is actually getting worse.

First a dude puts up billboards that the “Saints got Robbed.” (I mean it is impressive how fast they went up) but come on. Donate that damn money to a charity. Tell me ONE good thing that will come out of those billboards, I’ll wait…

Now there is a lawsuit against the NFL and Goodell…

This crap must be a joke. “Loss of faith in the NFL” “Loss of entertainment” and my personal favorite…

“Loss of enjoyment of life” what does that even mean?

I am a damn Cowboys fan. I have been suffering for over 20 years. Yes, Dallas fans are still pissed because DEZ CAUGHT IT but there are no billboards, no lawsuits… I “lost enjoyment of life” after that loss but guess what…

The sun rose the next morning, I got up and went to work the next day. I went about my life and the Cowboys weren’t in the NFC Championship Game.

Maybe Seahawks fans can go back and sue Pete Carroll for not running the rock with Beast Mode to win the Super Bowl too.

You are acting like a bunch of soft ass millennials that if something doesn’t go your way are going to scream and cry and complain until you get your way. But here’s a newsflash…

NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE. You lost the game. After the bad call, the team could have stopped the Rams but they didn’t. Drew Brees got the ball first but threw a pick…

Great teams can overcome bad calls and the Saints couldn’t. Face it, they haven’t been a great team since the Cowboys loss. Take your damn pill, swallow it and move on.

I was rooting for the Saints but… The Fanbase is quickly rising my most hated board. If you wanna be pissed, riot in the streets like a normal Fanbase would do. Set the streets on fire like Philly would. Don’t put up billboards, waste money on a law suite and throw a pitty party.

Oh.. And then there’s this, apparently the fans “deserve a parade” after this season. You don’t deserve shit. Get off your high horse and drowned your sorrows on Bourbon Street.

Go home crybaby Saints fans… You’re drunk.

And don’t forget, it’s really all this dude’s fault.

-Kmess “That Guy”

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