Wentz Report: Year Three


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have by now read or at least heard about the Philly Voice article that contains quotes from sources within the Eagles locker room with some disparaging comments about Carson Wentz.

Everyone has had their opinion on the article and its validity.

Similar to the “Is Jim Schwartz angling for a promotion” article..

and the “Demise of the Patriots” article..

.. this article will have no effect on the Eagles moving forward.

As far as the validity, I’m sure the writer had a few sources, or otherwise Philly Voice wouldn’t have ran the story. However, I think it’s clear that those “sources” who are more or less disgruntled co-workers, are a very small minority in the locker room.

The only real takeaway I had from this article is that there are people who either want there to be a quarterback controversy, or still believe that Nick Foles should be the quarterback moving forward.

I’m sure if you hooked up the writer from the Philly Voice to a lie detector test and asked him “who should be the Eagles quarterback in 2019?” … he would say Nick Foles.

It’s not hard to understand why fans and media members like Foles. He won the Eagles a Super Bowl by out-dueling Tom Brady. He is clutch. He is a great guy. I’m sure he’s a great player to cover as well.

He has proven that he is a starting quarterback in this league, but he will not be the starting for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019.


People are easily caught up in the “What have you done for me lately?” Foles has delivered, Wentz has been injured.

But it almost seems that people have forgotten just how good Carson Wentz is.

Bleeding Green had a similar article yesterday…

…and as I usually do with the Wentz Report, I will take this a step further.

Year three quarterbacks: 

2018 Wentz: 11 games

279/401, 69.6 cmp % |3,074 yards |21 TDs |7 INTs |7.7 Y/A |102.2 QB rating.

2018 Jared Goff: 16 games

364/561, 64.9 cmp %|4,688 yards | 32 TDs| 12 INTs| 8.4 Y/A| 101.1 QB rating

2002 Tom Brady: 16 games

373/601, 62.1 cmp %|3764 yards |28 TDs |14 INTs |6.3 Y/A |85.7 QB rating.

2003 Drew Brees: 11 games

205/356, 57.6 cmp %| 2,108 yards |11 TDs |15 INTs |5.9 Y/A |67.5 QB rating.

2006 Ben Roethlisberger: 15 games

280/469, 59.7 cmp %|3,513 yards |18 TDs |23 Ints |7.5 Y/A |75.4 QB rating.

2006 Philip Rivers: 16 games

284/460, 61.7 cmp %|3,388 yards |22 TDs |9 INTs |7.4 Y/A |92.0 QB rating.

2007 Aaron Rodgers: Did not make a start

2014 Russell Wilson: 16 games

285/452, 63.1 cmp %|3,475 yards |20 TDs |7 INTs |7.9 Y/A | 95.0 QB rating.

Even in a “down year” where he was coming off of an ACL injury and later broke his back, Wentz had the highest completion percentage and quarterback rating of any player listed.

If you stretch his numbers out to 16 games, he comes away with a stat line of 4,471 yards, 31 TDs, and 10 INTs.

Wentz has 54 TD passes over his last 24 games. For example, Jared Goff, who has been fantastic, has 60 over his last 31 games.

As good as his numbers are, Wentz will enter his fourth season with a lot to prove.

Can he stay healthy? Is he clutch?

These are questions that need to be answered.

But despite the question marks, do not lose sight of just how talented Carson Wentz is…

He is right on par with some of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, all of which had their own question marks entering season four.

Maybe the Philly Voice article will be the rallying cry for the 2019 Eagles, who knows, but what I do know is that there is NO QB CONTROVERSY. Wentz is the guy moving forward, end of discussion.


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