The NFL Is Officially Looking Into #Lasergate

While Patriots fans were scouring the internet for more footage of their AFC championship victory over the Chiefs, the photography staff at KMBC–a Kansas City news station–was watching game tape. What they found, completely independently and just hours after a devastating loss where the New England Patriots shattered their hopes at a championship in overtime, was astonishing. Respected journalist William Joy released this completely high definition visual evidence of an unidentified source shining an extremely dangerous laser pointer in Tom Brady’s face.

In at least 3 separate occasions during the game these photographers spotted the laser coming within milliseconds of blinding Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time.

This is from a guy who doesn’t like the OT rules because it didn’t benefit his team. I don’t see Rams fans complaining the Saints got lucky to win the coin flip.

So when this guy is uncovering an illegal and immoral attack on the Patriots leader and effectively entire organization, the NFL needs to respond. According to Joy, an NFL spokesperson has now emailed him to let him know they will be looking into it. How could you not after this compelling evidence from UMKC School of Dentistry Ret. Professor Emeritus Charles Cobb, DDS, MS, PHD. 3 acronyms?? Expert on lasers.

What does Roger Goodell have to say about this egregious breach of trust and lack of integrity in the product he is putting on the field? Is that how you treat the face of the NFL, on the most powerful franchise on planet Earth? Now that I think about it what does Roger Goodell have to say about the Rams Saints game? Have we heard a peep? How can he just get away with muting notifications and putting his phone on silent. He hasn’t tweeted since December 1st. If you’re allowed to get in Cody Parkey’s face with 25 microphones and ask 17 consecutive questions about what was going through his mind when he double doinked a game winning kick, I think we can get an answer from Roger.

In a different universe playing an AFC championship at Gillette Stadium, laser pointers that can cause blindness are being pointed at Patrick Mahomes like Will Smith in Men in Black. One can only pray the NFL league office takes this matter as seriously as they would if that were the case. To maintain the integrity of the game and the rights of the players.

I will not be holding my breath.

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