Is This the Year the MLB Hall of Fame Finally Starts Letting Everyone In?

Every year people circle back to the same debate that makes me want to pull my hair out every time I hear it. It’s the over decade long debate of whether or not the Baseball Hall of Fame should have known steroid users inducted.

The old crypt keepers that help make the average age of a baseball fan over 40, that think pitchers hitting is a good idea and hate bat flips are the same old fucks that write for the league and vote in Hall of Fame inductees. They are the biggest obstacle to making baseball great again, but yet the old hat baseball writers of the BBWAA are still standing and in their hands yet again are the fate of MLB greats such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and the rest of the juicing generation.

Preliminary vote tallies are ore promising than ever for this group of former-MLBers.

Before I get into the three guys on the bubble, I do want to say Rivera being 100% is correct, Halladay getting in is correct and Edgar as well. My only gripe is Mussina. Not because he’s not deserving, just because his name is above Clemens, a much superior pitcher for a longer time. Which brings me to the BBWAA.

If older writers, many of which haven’t been actively covering the league for years, don’t start getting their voting status pulled, then some of these guys will struggle to ever get in. Yet, with nearly half the ballots already submitted, it seems Clemens, Bonds and Schilling finally have a good shot.

Should they get in, the future of the Hall will change forever, for the best. I do understand the thought process behind not wanting to let in steroid users. I get it, they’re cheaters, they didn’t honor the game, blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is that these guys excelled above and beyond the rest of the roided up pack and did so in legendary fashion. You can’t fault players for getting an edge that everyone else was receiving during a time that the league didn’t test or give much of a fuck about steroids at all. Hey BBWAA, that’s on your league, not on the player. You wanted steroids out of the league, you finally got it now, but don’t eliminate 20 years of baseball history because of it. Also, the fact that old writers are so pretentious to think that they haven’t let guys in that have taken steroids is outrageous. It’s argued that at the minimum in the 90’s 80% of the league was taking something to get an edge. Everyone was doing it, including, I’m sure, guys that already have a bronze head in Cooperstown.

The MLB will announce this year’s Hall of Fame inductees tonight at 6pm. Then we will finally see if some of the league’s greats finally get treated that way.

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