Don’t be an idiot… Vote for Mariano!


So tonight we find out who makes it into the Baseball Hall of Fame. There are big questions as always with the “steroid era” players on the ballot.

Will Bonds get in? Will Clemens get in? Probably not to both. However that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

The greatest closer of All-Time is on the ballot for the first time. He is a no doubt first ballot Hall of Famer. So we will absolutely hear Mariano Rivera’s name called tonight.


Will #42 get 100% of the vote?

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Dear Voters,

If you don’t vote for Mariano Rivera you are disgrace to the HOF. You are a disgrace to baseball. You are a disgrace to yourself and a disgrace to your family. If you don’t vote for Rivera go immediately to the closest hospital to have your head examined.

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I don’t want to hear the bullshit about players in the past that didn’t get 100% of the vote so Rivera shouldn’t simply because of that. Are you that stuck in the mud that things can never change? Are you that blinded by the past that you can’t live in the now?

YOU are the reason Baseball is having a hard time reaching young people these days. Ok Mantle didn’t get 100%, yes Babe Ruth only got 95%, Mayes only got 94%, Ripken only got 98%.

But… Those are mistakes of the past that can somewhat begin to be mended tonight.

When Griffey got in with 99.32% of the vote we all called the voters a joke and frauds. Someone didn’t vote for him SIMPLY for the fact that “no one has ever gotten 100%.”

Fix that crooked mindset tonight. Mariano Rivera was the best at his position of any player to ever play the game. Don’t give me “he only pitched one inning.”

THAT WAS HIS JOB. And no one did it better. The Yankees were playing 8 inning games while every other team was playing 9.

Rivera pitched for 19 years and has a career record of 82-60 with a 2.21 ERA. He pitched 1283.2 innings in 1115 games. He had 1173 strikeouts compared to 286 walks.

Mariano has the MLB record for saves with 652. That’s 652 times he stepped on the mound with the other team in striking distance and shut the door for a Yankees win.

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He finished as high as 2nd in the Cy Young voting once and 3rd 3 times. AS A CLOSER. He also finished as high as 9th twice in the MVP vote, again… AS A CLOSER.

He is a 13 time All Star, 5 time World Series Champion. The 1999 World Series MVP, 2003 ALCS MVP, 5 time Relief Man of the Year, 3 time MLB Saves leader and the 2013 Comeback Player of the Year.

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And… As good as he was in the regular season, he was even better in the postseason. Rivera pitched in 140 postseason innings and gave up less than one run per 9 innings. That is unheard of!

And, he did this all with just about one pitch. His cutter. The batters knew what was coming but they couldn’t touch it. THAT makes all of his amazing stats even more impressive. Not to mention Rivera probably broke more bats that any pitcher in history as well.

So… In conclusion what I think I’m trying to to say is, don’t be an idiot. Don’t think you “must withhold a vote” simply because no one has ever entered the Hall with 100%. Keeping the 100% away from another deserving player doesn’t prove the past right, it just extends the idiotic mentally of many baseball writers.

Do the right damn thing and vote for #42.

It’s time to Enter Sandman into the Hall of Fame with 100% of the vote.

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-Kmess “That Guy”

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