Turns Out Bears Fans Hate Women…Yikes


Yesterday, right before arguably the greatest Championship Sunday kicked off, Adam Schefter dropped a Schef-bomb on us.


Multiple teams? How? In case you forgot, only a few months ago Kareem Hunt was released after video of him psychically abusing and punting a girl. Kansas City did the right thing and tossed him to the curb quickly. No need to waste time, get this bag of shit off the squad. Kareem then did an ESPN interview where he basically says: yes I was told to get consoling but fuck all that noise. So it was clear after that he was untouchable, thanks for playing, now get lost.

So when the news broke yesterday that multiple teams were interested I was in shock. Why would any organization even talk to the guy? Running backs are a dime a dozen. Look at the Rams. Their top guy goes down and they literally pulled a fat guy from the stands to carry the rock and in his first game he has 160+ yards. James Conner, Josh Adams , the list goes on and on. The easiest position to plug and play in today’s NFL is running back.

So fine some teams are interested for some naive reason that I’ll never understand but the fans bases are for sure against this move right? No fan base would want to be apart of this guy’s baggage and couldn’t realize he’s not worth the headache.


YIKES. Turns out Cody Parkey did a lot more psychological damage to that city than previously thought. 62% of these Bears fans are ready to sell their souls for a playoff win. I get it, it’s been a long time but guys this isn’t the hill you want to die on, especially for a running back.

UNLESS, these fans we’re taking the Kareem Hunt kick video into account and thinking about replacing Parkey with Hunt. In that case you might have a valid point. Can’t go into next year with that type of liability at kicker. Don’t want to waste another year of Mack and Trubisky with noddle leg Parkey kicking all willy nilly like. Get someone in there with a proven track record of putting everything he has into his kicks. Someone that shows no mercy and no concern for human life.

If that’s what you Bears fans are thinking, then yeah, sure, whatever.

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