Tom Brady is in Fact the Baddest Mother Fucker on the Planet


For the love of God (aka Tom Brady) people how many times do we have to watch this movie before you remember the goddamn ending. Now I get that most rational humans could’ve predicted this, but there were the few loud voices that can’t help but get their completely irrational take that the Pats may have not been in the Super Bowl this year.

Brady had plenty to remind people of and new, older, wiser Tom has learned to perfectly troll every single hater while also motivating himself. Whether you buy in to the idea that the Pats were underdogs or not, Tom Brady and that locker room did. And that’s all that matters in the end of the day.

Underdog or not you better believe Tom Brady’s the baddest mother fucker on this planet because he told you so.

When Tom’s feeling himself to the point that he’s dropping these quotes during the week before a game, there’s not a being on earth that would stop him.

He was certainly feeling himself after the game. And he was so happy that he was just letting it fly.


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I love this team, I love Tom Brady, I love Bill Belichick, I love Robert Kraft and I can’t understand anyone who feels differently. Why wouldn’t you want to be a Pats fan it’s fucking awesome.

Welcome to the cross hairs, Rams. Brady’s played more football and watched more film than Sean Mcvay could ever imagine. Never mind how much Bill has seen. It’s cute that they’ve gotten this far and they for sure should get a ribbon and Tom’s autograph or something to commemorate it, but there is no world where they stop the Patriots.

We’re on to Atlanta.

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