There’s only one person to blame for the Saints loss.

So the Rams went into the Super Dome and knocked off the Saints to go to the Super Bowl. Or as many are saying the officials sent the Rams to the Super Bowl after that awful missed PI call…

There are a ton of plays in that game that cost the Saints and helped the Rams. Why the hell does Sean Payton throw the ball on first down and preserve a Rams timeout? How are the Saints dominating the first quarter only to be up 6-0? How are the Saints controlling the whole first half only to be up 13-10 at halftime?

There are so many factors that pushed the game to the end result. Which is the Rams heading to Atlanta and the Saints being sent home in heartbreaking fashion for the second year in a row.


There is only one thing that truly cost the Saints the game. One person that we can all point the finger to and say YOU are the reason why the Saints lost. And that is none other than that god damn “whistle guy.”

If you were watching on FOX like most of us were you had to have been yelling “what the hell is that whistling???” It sounded like the entire crowd had whistles and were blowing them non stop.

It was more god damn annoying than the vuvuzela phenomenon during the World Cup years back!

Was it a crowd of people with whistles? Was it whistle noises being pumped into the Super Dome? Was it an official who was a bit whistle happy?

Nope. Nope. And nope.

It was one fucking guy. And he didn’t even have a whistle. He was the damn whistle!

No Mike, he’s not a great guy. He’s an awful person. He was in every single living room in America annoying the hell out of every single person who was trying to listen to the beautiful magic that is Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

The Twittervese was not happy with Whistleman.

Even America’s Mr. nice guy wanted him dead..

Apparently this dude is a Saints “Super Fan” well he’s actually just a Super Douche. Anyone who goes to a game dressed as a whistle and acts like one ALL-GAME needs to have his whistle cords taken out.

Gif – Pintrest

Sir you are the reason the Saints lost. You annoyed America so much that the whole country turned on your team mid game and willed the Rams to a win. A win they had no business having.

He even annoyed the refs so much that they decided to stop using their own whistles.

If you watch the replay closely of the missed PI call… The refs didn’t see the play because the damn whistle man had them in a trance from his fuckin whistling.



Image – SB Nation

So, whistle douche… It is time to go home to your basement, break apart your whistle hat and bury it deep deep underground. Then sell your house and move never to be seen or HEARD from again.

Gif – Pintrest


-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – Sporting News

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Slammu Sharkson
January 22, 2019 12:27 pm

Kmess I think you’re full of shit – The Shark

January 23, 2019 5:12 pm

Cool story!!