Let’s Change the Tone of the Voice

I feel Philly Voice writer, Joseph Santoliquito, really struck a never mentioned tone in concerns to the Philadelphia Eagles that many have ignored. There is an issue with Carson Wentz and it wasn’t all physical. But Joe is way off on how he attacked Carson Wentz today. Yes. He attacked the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles in a disrespectful and unprofessional manner. When you want to call a man out, you do so with verified sources willing to let their name fly. These “Players” who didn’t want to be named are immature if they even exist at all.We all watched how Carson Wentz played this year. Obviously still physically talented and able to fill a good stat sheet but at the same time very off. The offense didn’t roll like it did his sophomore or rookie years and I mainly attributed this to his lack of a preseason. His inability to focus on the off season workouts because he had to focus on his knee rehab. That’s a very large part of it. There was more though, something I kept saying as everyone was calling for Mike Groh’s and Doug Pederson’s heads: Is Wentz audibling out of the calls? Is he not tracking the right receiver rather leaning on his crutch that is clearly Zach Ertz? Offensive schemes are done the way they are and in the order that they are for a reason: They set up what is next. Simply stated: A run play sets up a play action pass the next play, etc. At times this year could Carson have tried to force things so he looks good rather than what was best for the team? Sure but maybe there’s something else at play:

Wide Receivers are divas. Not everyone of them is Terrell Owens, Ocho Cinco or that weirdo in New York but the position does breed a different type. Couple that with Zach Ertz having the single greatest reception season a tight end has ever had and Jordan Matthews returning this year with the “down” years of Alshon Jeffrey and Nelson Agholor and it may spell trouble. The first two are Wentz’ best friends. When their original Wonder Triplet Sam Bradford was traded they inserted Wentz right into their triumvirate. Nelson Agholor and Alshon Jeffrey, are a bit on the outs of that from what I’ve heard mumblings of. I’ll get to that later, although the only part of their game that was “down” this year was their touchdowns. Before the second Dallas game Wentz was looking at Alshon and Nelson less and less and I think we can attribute that to his frustrations and leaning on his crutch, Zertz. Though if you’re a wide receiver with an even slightly reduced role you may take this personally.

I’d love to shake this off and say I believe it to be 100% bullshit but there’s something I’ve long known that helps support this quote. When Jordan Matthews was traded Carson Wentz held a party that Nelson Agholor, who’s emergence jettisoned Jmatt, wasn’t welcome to. A team leader doesn’t play around with high school bullshit drama and from my version of an unnamed source: He didn’t disagree with anyone keeping Nelson out. But that’s when last year true leader Torrey Smith took Nelson under his wing and helped him adjust to team pressures and being a rising wide receiving star. From what we saw on the field in 2017, Wentz threw to everyone and even helped Agholor blossom.


That and the quotes above are why I’m going to go as far as to say that this all is overhyped and overblown bull crap. Not lies, but overplayed. Carson Wentz had a down year due to a multitude of discussed reasons. Teams have drama. Players during the season get frustrated when games don’t go their way. This team is strong and Carson Wentz is too as evidenced by their ability to bounce back and his teammates reaction to this drama. We’re gonna hope this is a minor forgettable blip on the Carson Wentz growth tour and he will prove that doubter and the others wrong after a strong offseason. He’s our Quarterback, and hey remember this is coming from the chairman of the 1000 years of Nick Foles Organization.

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