Footage Of The Last Patriots Rams Super Bowl Looks Like It Was Filmed On A Motorola Razr

In lieu of another Patriots Super Bowl appearance, many fans are staying up to watch countless hours of post game analysis and Super Bowl previews until the sun comes up (right??). All totally normal behavior after the torture we just endured. Shannon Sharpe, LT and Deion Sanders are asleep on the set trying to come up with something to talk about tonight. It’s going to be a long 2 weeks folks. In this moment of pure bliss I admit I slipped and flipped on ESPN. They are already showing footage from Super Bowl 36 when the Patriots played and beat the St. Louis Rams, the Greatest Show on Turf, to start the dynasty that we all know and love today.

This footage truly doesn’t seem that long ago, but at the same time it’s a lifetime away. I was 14 so I still have memory of it but watching it back is just a mind fuck. It looks like the Black Mirror Bandersnatch version of a Super Bowl. Pixelated, bright colors, the field looks so fake. If they had to make as many controversial calls that were made in the AFC Championship game with the technology in 2002, we might end up ruling a fumble as an incomplete pass or something stupid like that. The sound effects of the Patriots scoring that game winning field goal on the graphics were straight out of Sega Genesis.

I mean watch this hype video.

Tom Brady was butting helmets with backup QB Drew Bledsoe, whom he had just taken the starting job from. Here is Drew Bledsoe now. He’s owned a winery for 12 years.

Interestingly enough…

The game was broadcast in the United States by Fox; the telecast was presented in a 480p enhanced-definition widescreen format marketed as “Fox Widescreen”. While promoted as having better quality than standard-definition, and being the first U.S. sporting event produced in a widescreen format with the same production as the main feed for standard-definition viewers (rather than using a separate production for the widescreen feed), it was not true high definition, but still matched the aspect ratio of HDTV sets.[11][12]

This was advanced for 2002. We didn’t even have true HDTV when Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl. Sean McVay was getting his drivers license somewhere in Georgia. Kim Kardashian for sure wasn’t filming a sex until HDTV came out. The Oklahoma City Thunder didn’t exist.

Sounds like another Oscar worthy storyline to write in the book of the Patriots. And this time we’ll get to see it perfectly clear.

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