Fletcher Cox Stands Up For Wentz And Says Philly Voice Article That Wentz Is “Selfish” Is A Lie

Philadelphia was put into a coin cycle this morning after an article from the Philly voice said multiple “sources” claim Wentz is an ego-maniac who wants to take over the world and kill off everyone who disagrees with him starting with Mike Groh.

Listen, I am not a journalist.  I like to write and make people laugh and talk sports.  I’m a fun guy and I’ll put my hand up and say I’m biased 100 out of 100 times.  I think Carson Wentz is a great dude and I flat-out don’t believe anything in this article.  Even with that, there is always something in the back of your mind that says, “Hmm maybe it’s true?”  You’ll always have that little voice in the back of your head that thinks maybe he is disliked and hated in the locker room.  Then a team leader, a Philadelphia favorite, a man of the people, Big sexy himself, Fletcher Cox raises his hand and tells everyone to sit down and shut up with this hot garbage.

He wasn’t the only teammate to come to his QBs defense.

I’m sure more players will come out and say something else about this garbage, but let me make my statement.  Bias aside, I saw a few tweets of people sharing many articles of this journalist being biased against Wentz. He seems to be a Wentz hater.  Maybe he is, maybe he’s not. I don’t fact check, so I think he is.  It’s total garbage for this to come out now and for it to be written now, which shows me it’s a total lie.  For that matter, I think sources should be illegal, nobody should be allowed to say anything in private.  If you want to talk shit on somebody you need to speak it in person and have your name out there.  If a rapist has to face their accuser in court, then a source should have to face who they’re talking shit about.  I’m not a media member so maybe I’m wrong on this but again, I don’t care. Fuck you if you’re a quiet little snitch. Be a man and talk your shit.  If you have a problem with a dude, then say it out loud or keep it in-house.  I’m glad to see that 90% of Eagles nation has Wentz’s back.



Would hate to be a “Source” right now when Fletch and Lane come and find you. No more sources in 2019, if you wanna talk then talk.
Fly Eagles Fly.

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