Degenerate Dan’s NFL Conference Championship Wager…And a Special Announcement!

Degenerate Dan

Last week we went 1-1 and kissed our sister, although according to 90% of the trending videos on Pornhub, apparently that is a thing now? It did take a 4th down Pass Interference call for me to lose that under, but I never should have gone against my own mantra; Never Bet Unders!

That segways us in to my one selection for this weekend;

Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints Over 56.5

I understand that neither of these teams have been as explosive offensively in recent weeks. But in a game of this stature, the teams are going to rely on what they do best. The Rams have a great front 7 but are vulnerable to the pass, so the Saints are going to throw all day. I expect Michael Thomas to make burnt toast out of Marcus Peters all day. And to stay in the game, the Rams are going to have to throw as well; they aren’t going to be able to win this game by running like they have their last few games, as fun as it has been watching thicc CJ Anderson’s revival.

I think this game ends up being played in the 30s; the last time these teams met the total got to 80. I don’t think this one gets to that level, but I don’t think 60+ points is too much to ask.

Now, on to our big Branded announcement. Starting today, January 19, we are unveiling our gambling Twitter account @BrandedBets. After our Super Bowl prop column, there will be quite a hiatus for this NFL picks column until next season (with a potential Draft props column mixed in). Does that mean we are done with gambling content? Absolutely not.

On this Twitter account, we will post daily plays in any sport that we see value in; college basketball, NBA, curling, women’s badminton, whatever. If we see value, we will post the play, along with some fun videos and content to go along with the picks. So give us a follow and keep winning with Branded even when the football season is over!

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