AeroMexico With The Troll Job Of The Century

This video made me spit my coffee out, it’s pure gold. I’m not going to spoil it for you, just enjoy.

Turns out the discount is completely fake but the test and reactions are real. Just fantastic work from AeroMexico here. 1. You get to ruin the day life of some racist Mexican hating folk and 2. now people are talking about AeroMexico. Never been to Mexico yet, hear it’s a great time, but you can bet your sweet ass I’m flying AeroMexico when I go. Might even try to get a connecting flight to Mexico just to give them my business.

I look for certain things out of the business’ I use. Great customer satisfaction, great products and the ability to body bag people on the internet with perfect execution. I’m a simple man. The happy tone of the guy’s voice telling all this Jim-Bobs and Mary-Jos that they are actually part Mexican, it was delicious.

Thank you AeroMexico, this truly was a gift.

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