Will Kris Jenner Trade Ben Simmons To The Lakers?

Fox Sports 1’s Jason McIntyre thinks Kendall Jenner may be to blame if the Lakers sign Ben Simmons to join LeBron in LA.

“We know dating back to before the draft, Ben Simmons loves LA,” Jason McIntyre told me last week on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. 

“Dating Kendall Jenner, loves it out here, he’s on that same agency that LeBron is repped by, Klutch [Sports]. –Heavy.com

He compared Simmons’ relationship with Joel Embiid to a Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant situation and added he doesn’t think Simmons wants to be in Philadelphia long term.

I have no idea how Jason McIntyre would know things like this or if he has ever spoken to Ben Simmons in his life. I just know there’s only one driving force behind every NBA transaction and personnel decision, and that is Kris Jenner. Not only has she cursed James Harden’s career, she put the nail in the coffin for Kris Humphries (can’t have two Kris’), left Tristan Thompson in the dust in Cleveland, but she also almost killed Lamar Odom.

With a track record like this I don’t even know why Simmons wants in at all, except for the fact that Kendall Jenner is kind of the one exception.

I still haven’t ruled out my theory that Kendall is a lesbian so Kris Jenner may just have orchestrated this relationship to begin with. Remember Kris Jenner was originally scouting Danilo Gallinari for Kim before she married Kris Humphries so setting up this relationship is right out of her playbook. In return for being Kendall’s beard for a few years, Kris will help Ben get to LA so he can live in Malibu and go to the clubs with the LA thots. Simmons definitely strikes me as a Drai’s guy. Both get something out of it and will probably ‘amicably split’ months after Ben is traded. Ben will get back with Tinashe and Kendall will start dating Joel Embiid. I know, in our dreams Ali. Twitter would be too lit.

If Ben Simmons made a deal with the devil, LeBron and the Lakers might not even want him. Once Kris Jenner gets is done with him, she’s bound to leave Ben with bad knees and a low FG %.

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