Twitter User @Glitter___Gal Wants People To STOP Retweeting People Celebrating Weight Loss Because Others Who Did Not Lose Weight Will Be Sad

Nick Ru

Now what I am going to post is tough to read.  You’re going to be annoyed and frustrated and probably won’t finish reading it.  I beg of you to try.  Here we go.

SO let’s try to get through all of this.  I am going to remain calm and not be mean to this person who hates when other people are happy about weight loss.  I’ve decided to be nicer in 2019.  In 2018 I was mean and told people they should sit on a spiked bat until the spikes reach their heart if this is how they think.  In 2019 I don’t speak that way so I won’t say that, it’s mean and it’s not needed.  That was me in 2018, this is 2019 so we are going to be nice.

First thing about this.  “Please stop faving & rting before and after photos of weight loss & putting it on the TL they’re incredibly triggering for people in eating disorder recovery and they frame the narrative that fat people are merely before photos. Stop putting that shit on my timeline.”  This is just a flat-out lie.  This does not get retweeted to make other fatties feel bad, it’s a celebration of what they achieved.  It’s to say congrats awesome job, you’re an inspiration.  These thing’s aren’t about people who are still fat and to make it about you because you can’t lose weight isn’t fair to dismiss their hard work.  The second part about stop putting it on your timeline.. Honey you control your own timeline.

Next, “Before & after photos that promote the black & white idea of a “healthy vs unhealthy body” or “bad vs good body” paint a dehumanizing narrative for fat people. if you RT/fav these before & after tweets that occasionally go viral I’ll assume you don’t see fat people as fully human.”  It literally promotes a celebration.  This again was a dumb point by you, dumb and thick-headed.

My favorite part, “In 2019 if you are truly an ally to people of all genders and all body types you need to include anti fatphobic language into your activism. You need to include fat activism. You need to fight fatphobia in activist spaces.”  This is irony on a grand level.  You are mad at people for celebrating others and their success and demeaning what they do, while telling other people to not demean others even though they aren’t.  Weird.

Now I’m not going to go much farther.  You can read what she wrote she just keeps saying the same thing over and over and it is all incorrect and all ridiculous.  Listen nobody retweets this or favorites this stuff because they hate fat people.  They want to celebrate the success of others.  You want to stop the success of other’s because you’re unhappy with yourself and don’t have the will power to lose weight.  That’s your problem, don’t try to bring others down for your problem.  That goes for everyone.

Now in 2019 I am being nice remember so I am not going to go on my tirade about telling this person something mean,  In 2018 I would have made some jokes and said if all of this really bothers you poke your eyes out and eat them.  Not going to say that in 2019.  I am just going to end this blog with my well put thoughts with spelling errors.  I feel so beautiful now for my before and after of blogging.

I wonder if most people agree with me?

PS: This is something we should probably actually do

I have a point.

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