Twitter Investigators Believe Antonio Brown Has A Burner Account Named “Mikey G 45” Talking Shit About Big Ben

You know what they say, whatever is in the Twitter darkness will eventually come to light. There are full time trolls on the internet, spending every waking moment of their day scouring Twitter for conspiracy theories. And boy did they hit on one today. The feeling of connecting these dots must be so exhilarating and if this guy is correct he needs a job with the FBI.

The account @michael57692394, otherwise known as mikey G 45, was just created the other day and is suspiciously passionate about how Brown is perceived. Shoutout to Twitter user @YurekJason who pointed this out. –

The account follows 28 people, all professional athletes (mostly Steelers), Bleacher Report, ESPN and two teams: The Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers.

His entire account created just days ago revolves around defending AB and criticizing his teammates and haters. Something Brown has not been really shy about doing the last few days. Perhaps AB got sick and tired of every quote being a topic on First Take so he created a burner to let out his frustration? I can think of worse ideas. Unless someone can show me hard IP address test results, I’m all in on this mikey g Antonio Brown burner account. He wants to hide a purple hippopotamus costume and behind the guise of a Staten Island father of two wearing all Yankees gear. It’s the perfect burner account photo, the only more hateable person on Twitter than AB right now is a Yankees fan.

Twitter investigators also found that the mikey g account uses a lot of the same terminology that Antonio Brown uses, and tags in him almost every post. Both accounts are frequently saying “every1” “silence the haters” and using the hashtag #callgod.

We learned a lot of valuable lessons in 2018 about running a burner account from Kevin Durant and Bryan Colangelo but I don’t think Antonio Brown is smart enough to get away with this. One little accidental click on the wrong account and @AB84 is going to be calling out Big Ben from a verified account. Big Ben probably has him blocked so he’ll never see it anyways.

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January 17, 2019 11:26 am

every1 better beliedat dis the trutru, its me ab cuz my spelling yo #CallGod