The U Is Officially Back #TNM

I’ve seen enough, I’m calling it now, I’m taking my shot and yelling it loud and proud! The U is officially back!  The swagger, the noise, the hype all of it is back like it never left and I am here for it.  Harry Mayes Temple Alum is not going to be happy about this because Manny Diaz is making thing’s happen at The U and I’d bet anything he would have made them happen at Temple but this isn’t Temple this is a place where swag was born, a place where the NCAA made new rules about celebrations, a school that was so pissed off they were ripped out of a national title game and forced to play Texas in the Cotton Bowl had a bajillion yards in penalties and still won by 100.  This is history, this is The New Miami #TNM (Full disclosure I had no idea what TNM meant but it indeed means The New Miami)  Manny Diaz is just here to make Miami great again and with transfers like Tate Martell and Bubba Bolden coming to The U to join Brevin Jordan their former high school teammate where the 3 won THREE national titles in high school together, The ACC, and the nation are now on notice.

Mark Richt is gone, nothing personal against the man but he wasn’t it.  Manny Diaz is it, the man is bringing something back to the U that hasn’t been around the team in 15 years.  Now all of this is for nothing without wins.  Swagger, hype mean nothing without wins.  Manny, Tate, Bubba, Shaq, Jeff Thomas, they’re all coming to win and they will.  The Manny era is here.

The U is back #TNM

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