Tedy Bruschi Just Put Max Kellerman In A Bodybag


Max Kellerman is #dead to us here in New England. He is the poster boy for “who even thinks the Patriots suck??” debate. He’s been forcing these awful takes for ratings for years but after the Patriots suffocated the Chargers last weekend in the divisional round, Patriots fans finally had the ammunition they needed to fire back. We’ve been all over him online, which is undoubtedly what he wants. But you don’t want no smoke with Tedy Bruschi.

Tedy is a god among men. In New England, if Tom Brady is the most beloved Patriot to ever play, Tedy Bruschi is a very close second. This appearance on First Take might have bumped him up to Brady level. He’s laughing while saying it, but that’s Tedy’s way of avoiding being an overt asshole. He’s 100% serious looking dead straight into the camera telling Kellerman he sucks at his job. And he couldn’t be more spot on. Max is deer in headlights terrified. Find a new slant.

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