Soulja Boy is Back in Our Lives After Going at Drake

There are certain names that you hear and you immediately transport back to a point in time. Soulja Boy is definitely one of those dudes when it comes to people my age. I hear Soulja Boy and then bang, I’m back in my middle school cafeteria doing the Soulja Boy Superman as most cringe-worthy pasty white people do.

However, I think now the only appropriate thing to think of when you hear Soulja Boy should be the fact hat he’s Drake’s daddy because he says he taught Drake everything he knows.



If you watch the whole video you’ll realize Soulja Boy is one million percent right. Drake’s always been the king of ghost writers, but a thief? Drake fans will tell you it’s bullshit, but the facts will say otherwise. Soulja Boy birthed Drake and you won’t convince me otherwise.

Soulja Boy fans should go full bleacher creature and invade Drake concerts with “Who’s your daddy” chants. That’s how Soulja Boy really gets back on the map.

He wasn’t done there though. It’s Soulja Boy so you know he’s going to salt that wound real good.

I’ll tell you what else. On the surface most people would say Drake should squash Soulja Boy in a rap beef, but the way Soulja Boy just hit on everything that keeps Drake up at night in the matter of 30 seconds would have most men shook.

Soulja Boy is so far back and it’s hard not to be happy about it.

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