Kesha Went Freckles Out Last Night And We’re All About It

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Last night Kesha went “New year, new me” on twitter and we support her 100%. Kesha is sort of a fan favorite at Branded. She was crushing bangers when most of the guys were in college. You needed three ingredients to get a party going in the early-mid 2000’s during college.

  1. Tons of booze
  2. People with low morals
  3. An MP3 player packed with Kesha

That’s it, it’s game on from there.

So when we saw K-Train wanted express herself in 2019 we needed to wave our flag of support. We love current Kesha, doll it up and crush it girl.

But if you want to let those freckles fly toss them out there.

Freckles get a bad wrap. For some reason someone a long time ago decided they were trash and freckle kids have been getting the brunt of it since. Remember Chuckie from Rugrats? Dude got bodied everyday relentlessly.

It’s time we put an end to the freckle hate and Kesha is just the gal to lead the charge. Kesha and the Sun Kissed Killers. Next album name maybe? Give us freckle face Kesha all day everyday. Let them liiiiiiiiiiiive.

Anyway……here are some K bangers. Happy Wednesday


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