I’ve Got a Real Bad Feeling About Tonight’s Celtics Game

The last few weeks have been a serious shit storm for the Celtics. Nothing too major when you analyze each individual event, but together in such a short period of time, it doesn’t exactly give fans the warm and fuzzies about this group.

Between Jaylen and Morris getting into it during a timeout, Kyrie bashing the young guys, and Tatum rebutting Kyrie’s comments, the locker room is in disarray. Brad Stevens, the man I still have the utmost faith in, needs to find a way to calm tempers, and get everyone to work as a cohesive unit. It’s no easy task with that much talent to manage.

Despite all of that, the Celtics overall have played well in big games against the top teams in the league this season. But boy oh boy I feel like this will be hell of an ass kicking on the Celtics home floor tonight.

Toronto has been rolling all year and its the rubber match of what is currently a split season series between the Celts and Raptors. Kyrie will presumably be back, but Smart and Baynes’ return are both still up in the air.

Nonetheless, with a team this talented and one as inconsistent as the Celtics, you never know when they’ll turn it on for a couple of nights. They could surprise us and compete with Toronto tonight, but my gut says this will be no bueno.

The one positive of the last few days was Kyrie’s backtrack from his youth statement…kinda.

He states his regret about doing it publicly, but doesn’t pull back on the sentiment that youth is an issue for the Celtics. In the end of the day, Kyrie is learning as a leader too. If he keeps it in house and talks directly to his teammates about what he sees and where he thinks they can improve, then that’s healthy. Airing them out publicly does no good.

I still believe this team will find it’s way. They are too talented, regardless of age or experience, to not keep winning enough games to give themselves a chance in the postseason. That unfortunately won’t save them tonight. It won’t happen overnight and to beat Toronto, it would’ve had to.

P.S. I’ll gladly be wrong about this take.

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