Girl Thinks A-Rod Looks Like “That Guy JLo Is Dating”


Quick question, what’s more disrespectful here? The fact that she’s sitting 2 and a half feet from A-Rod and has no idea or the fact she just calls him “the guy J Lo is dating?” Lady, the man hit 696 home runs for crying out loud. Played in the biggest baseball city on planet Earth and yeah he’s also dating J Lo. How in the world do you not know A-Rod when you see him? I assume when he enters a room it just smells better or gets warmer or something. Dude just glows like a seven month pregnant woman. And that’s a compliment.

This is by far the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen. The man is a legend and also the owner of A-Rod Corp, which I’m still not 100% what they do but I know they will be the next Amazon. Just offering the exact same shit as other companies but A-Rod’s face on it so it will be cooler. Unless your this chick and you can’t recognize him anyway.

The guy J Lo is dating…..laugh out loud funny

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