Kyler Murray Needs to Choose Baseball and Here’s Why

Who would’ve guessed that a generously listed 5’11” kid from Texas could cause such a battle between NFL and MLB fans? No matter how unpredictable, Kyler Murray has put himself in the best position an athlete coming out of college could be in. Murray’s a top 10 MLB draft pick and he’s got NFL teams dreaming of having him run their offense. As of right now, Murray is giving the fuck-me-eyes right back to the NFL after declaring for the draft.

At first glance playing quarterback in the NFL is an impossible opportunity to pass up. Even if Murray was to play baseball, declaring for the NFL draft is a great move financially, forcing the MLB to play ball, no pun intended. They’ve done just that by saying they’re willing to waive a contract rule allowing the A’s to sign Murray to a new, richer deal right now opposed to after his rookie deal is done.

There’s money and opportunity flying in every which way for Murray and in the coming weeks Murray will need to decide. If he’s smart, he’ll choose baseball.

For starters, there are obvious reasons as to why Murray would be better off in the MLB. Injury is an obvious one. He’s in a lot less danger playing centerfield than being buried through the turf by Aaron Donald.

There’s financial benefits in both sports, but contrary to what everyone is saying MLB is now officially safer financially. The MLB has offered the A’s the ability to pay Murray a big fat guaranteed MLB contract right now. There’s no certainty that Murray would be a first round pick in the NFL, which is where all the guaranteed money is in a rookie deal.

On top of all of that, there’s the reality that if he wants either career he needs to succeed in the sport. It’s true that going through the farm system in baseball is not easy, but if the team’s already guaranteed money to Murray, you better believe he’ll get his shot at the pros, and it won’t take too long. In the NFL however, being an undersized quarterback its a massive uphill climb to success. Sure there’s examples of it working, but there’s plenty of good quarterbacks that are under 6′ that simply can’t cut it in the NFL.

If that still isn’t enough, consider what happens if, on the off chance, he goes to one league and it doesn’t work out. If Murray takes the money from the A’s he’s at least got a nice 3 years of millions coming his way and where he goes from there is up to him. If he fails in the NFL, there’s a lot less money guaranteed to him and he absorbs the risk of coming out of the experience with an injury that could nag him for years or even life.

There’s no question both sports have there benefits, but you’re a goddamn fool if you think baseball isn’t the better option for Murray.

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