Kid at the Australian Open Drops the Cockiest Coin Toss I’ve Ever Seen

Sometimes a video starts going viral and you just spend hours admiring what got someone to the point they were at when they go viral. In the case of this kid at the Australian Open, there’s no wondering. There’s no doubt this kid was born dripped in swag.

I don’t care how goofy you think he may look or how questionable it is that kids are still impersonating Michael Jackson, if you think he’s a nerd than you just don’t get it. You’re not on his level of confidence. You couldn’t possibly understand the level of not giving a fuck it takes to be willing to drop a leg kick, spin, coin flip move at one of the more highly regarded opens in the stuck up world of tennis. It’s borderline reckless how few shits this kid gives, but if you don’t respect it you’re just jealous you aren’t more like him.

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