Eagles Fan Puts Her Girlfriend’s Dog In A Microwave Because She Wasn’t Supportive Enough After The Loss

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Philadelphia Eagles fans have had it tough this week. They lost in heartbreaking fashion against the New Orleans Saints and gave away the opportunity for Nick Foles to be a hero yet again. Some might say Alshon dropped that pass on purpose to make the decision easier on keeping Carson Wentz instead of Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, but I’m sure we won’t get a multi million dollar NFL investigation into that one.

Always gracious losers, the Eagles crew at Branded Sports has been relatively quiet. The group chat which is normally lit with memes and GIFs was like an empty desert with tumbleweeds blowing through on Sunday night. Me, Dubs and Joey Boots (new blogger not to be confused with Joey Boats) were riding high with a huge Patriots win to advance to our 8th straight AFC Championship game. No support for their fellow bloggers. What’s good for the brand is good for everyone right? Well besides Joe declaring himself a Pats fan going forward, it was a whole lotta who cares you guys are used to winning. And the truth is, we are.

Sunday’s win over the Chargers reinvigorated the fan base that kind of doubted that Tom Brady and the Patriots would steamroll their way into a 3rd straight Super Bowl appearance if they listened to local radio stations enough. We went back to our ways, retweeting stats about Tom Brady’s winning percentage and attacking the haters like Max Kellerman and Shannon Sharpe on social media like it’s our job. Because it is. Tom Brady does his job and us fans do ours.

Not everyone is used to being a winner and acting like a winner. You win one Super Bowl and start thinking you’ve got the next dynasty. Not so fast.*

None more true than this story from Philadelphia. A 31 year old woman was so upset that her girlfriend was not being supportive about the Eagles loss to the Saints.

Upset about the Philadelphia Eagles playoff loss on Sunday, a 31-year-old woman attacked her girlfriend inside their room at the Best Western hotel in Hanover Township, Northampton County, and placed the girlfriend’s dog inside a microwave, according to court records.

Colonial Regional police were dispatched at 9:40 p.m. Sunday to the hotel at 300 Gateway Drive and spoke to a woman who said she had just got into an argument and fight with her girlfriend. Police could see blood on the woman’s left ear and a cut on her nose and left cheek.

The woman said she and Gaskins were staying at the hotel as a getaway, but Gaskins got drunk and began yelling at her about the Eagles’ playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The woman said Kirsten Gaskins began to push her, and she pushed her back so she could get away. The woman said Gaskins pushed her hard enough to knock her down, and when she was on the floor, Gaskins got on top of her and began hitting her in the face. The woman said she scratched Gaskins on the face and was able to get away.

During the argument, Gaskins told the woman that if she left the room, she would kill her dog in the room with them. -BlackSportsOnline.com

Gotta imagine the scene after a big Eagles playoff loss is like The Purge: Delco Strikes Back. We all know the stories about Eagles fans. Snowballs at Santa, throwing up on fans on purpose, climbing the greased up telephone poles. But bringing dogs into this? Do what you must to Santa, he’s replaceable, but this lady’s Pomeranian didn’t have anything to do with the Eagles loss. Put Alshon Jeffrey in a a microwave before this dog. It’s probably a Cowboys fan anyways, Pomeranians aren’t exactly the Eagles fans of the dog world.

Luckily for everyone involved, most notably the dog, it survived and the woman was released on $20K bond. Unfortunately, the Eagles did not and will not become the first back to back Super Bowl champions since….the Patriots.

The microwave was not turned on and the dog was unharmed, but the oven was too small for the dog to stand or turn around and there was limited ventilation inside.

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*maybe if you kept Nick Foles

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January 15, 2019 2:51 pm

Put this blog in a microwave

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