Barbershop In Kutztown Doing God’s Work

It’s no secret, I love Kutztown more than I love most people I’ve ever met. It’s a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania that has a special place in my heart. I spent 4+ years there studying, drinking, playing lacrosse and delivering Chinese food. Did a lot of more of 2,3 and 4 than 1 but that’s just college life 101.

As I was scrolling through twitter and I saw this video. Some barbershop that is encouraging kids to come in and practice reading publicly during their haircut. An amazing and noble gesture. Then I look down and I’ll be damned, City Cuts in Kutztown PA.

City Cuts putting Kutztown on the map in 2019! LFG. Makes this Kutztown alum proud to see it. Everyone if you are in the Kutztown area or Allentown or just want to make a drive up to support a great local business that is changing lives. Go to City Cuts. Check out their site and support these guys.

Public reading sucks. I was the kid in class that couldn’t pay attention to what the other kids were reading because I was practicing reading through the paragraph before it got to me. Talking in public is a breeze, love being the center of attention. Ask me to read something in public and I feel like the smallest guy in the room. If City Cuts was around when I was a young fella it would have really helped a kid like me.

Also they are raising money for #BooksByKids on GoFundMe. Donate through the link below. Keep up the great work fellas!


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