Want To See Lazy Blogging And Bad Takes?

Listen, today is a tough day for us bleeding green Eagles fans. Pederson ripped our hearts out last night with a poor call to rush a play before the 2 minute warning. Yes it hit Alshon in the hands but the whole team was rushed and Foles zipped a pass in that normally he would float. Needless to say, we’re a little sensitive right now. Give us a day or two and we’ll be fine.

But then I’m scrolling the timeline and I see this headline about Michael Bennett freaking out over a cameraman. So I click on it expecting him to have tried to fight the guy.

Nope, not even close. He just was a little testy because he just lost a heart breaker and now has a camera in his face. The camera guy is just doing his job but let’s stop acting like this is insane behavior. I must have missed the part where he body slammed the guy and tried to scoop his eyes out with a spoon.

This dweeb at Sports Gossip (who? not really sure) goes on to call Bennett a poor sport and much too aggressive. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. What? Buddy let me help you out. When you lose a game the way that the Eagles just did, you’re not happy. You’re allowed to show a little emotion. I assume things didn’t get crazy post quidditch matches for you?

I am sick and tired of this absolutely ridiculous and completely incorrect idea that Philadelphia and their fans are the scum of the earth. Last two weeks we have videos and stories come out of Cowboys games like this:



Excuse me, bite his face??? Or how about this one?



But if this came out of Philly it would be national news. Just poor and lazy blogging from a trash site. No wonder you have zero likes, replies and retweets on everything you write. Actually this blog will most likely be the best thing to happen to your site since it’s creation. So congrats!!!!!!

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