Update: Danny Amendola And Olivia Culpo Are Back, Back Again (Part 3)

I don’t know what to do at this point. I’m so involved in this storyline that my emotions are up and down every day and while I’m exuberant about the Patriots winning and advancing to their 8th straight AFC Championship, my mood has been a little deflated with these recent photos. It’s not only because Olivia looks so impeccable in nude leggings and I would give up my right eyebrow for that Chanel bag. I’ve come to the conclusion that Danny MUST have a massive dick for this to keep continuing. Which means I’m going to need bigger scissors.



I have been on the Instagram scavenger hunt since NYE refreshing both feeds for clues that give it away. Olivia has been in Japan and Danny, who is usually busy this time of year, has been back in Austin.

This time the paparazzi did the work for us, and spotted them out this weekend in LA during the daytime, and still together for a double date at Nobu in Malibu. I always feel like Nobu, especially the one in Malibu, is where you wine and dine when you’re trying to impress. You don’t go to Nobu without wanting to be seen.

Danny and Olivia were spotted with Kristen Louelle and and Tyler Gaffney (another former Patriot). I follow them both on Instagram because I am also obsessed with Kristen who I had on my list of most beautiful WAGS last year. I didn’t suspect for one second that the two beefcakes were along for the dinner, and now I feel duped.


‘Olivia is totally infatuated with Danny and wants it to work,’ a source said to USWeekly recently.

They added: ‘She’s serious about him and always has been.’

And E! News reported the lovebirds are ‘reconnected’ and ‘working on their relationship’

‘They spent several days together in Miami for New Year’s Eve and realized they really care about one another,’ the insider shared.

‘They are definitely trying to work out their relationship and both want to get back together.’

The status of love is still up in the air at this point and I’m not willing to say I believe again, yet.

We will not be holding our breaths for an explanation but I’ve got my eyes on you Danny. Last chance with our girl.

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