Tom Brady Proves the World Wrong Yet Again by Burying Rivers Final Chance at Glory

It happens every single year and for some reason every jabroni out there still doesn’t get how this works. The world doesn’t decide when Tom Brady is done. The media has no say, his opponents have no say, hell even his age can’t keep him down. Yet all the lead-headed, dim-witted, numb skulls still come out with their ‘Brady is done’ takes.

They asked for it, so here’s their time to shine.

I mean at this point in his career, knowing what Brady is capable of, how could you possibly fall into this trap. It’s like rats and cheese. It doesn’t matter how many times they get zapped they’re going to keep trying to get that food. It’s what the Stephen A.’s and Max Kellerman’s of the world live for. Which is fine by me. If those guys want to continue to be the poster children for Old Takes Exposed then that’s on them.

I’m not going to talk much about the game seeing as that would be rubbing it in a bit, but I have to mention Tony Romo calling the game like he was at a funeral. You could hear his soul be crushed more and more with every great play by the Pats. It also didn’t help that big Vince was dropping brutal facts all over Romo on Twitter.

With the mutilation of the Chargers, the Patriots can now officially start their football season where they always do. This time they must go to Kansas City for the AFC Championship game.

Anyone that thinks the Patriots won’t go in and have Arrowhead empty by the time Brady is kneeing the ball at the end of the fourth quarter then you too will be featured on next weeks victory blog with all the other fools that can’t seem to get it through their head that we’re not watching a human. We’re watching the greatest player to ever grace the football field. A God amongst men in his preparation and execution. This is Tom Brady and he ain’t going no where.

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