Someone Needs to Cut Kyrie’s Mic

The Celtics had a less than enjoyable trip down to Florida this weekend as they dropped games to the Heat and Magic on the road. It came at a terrible time as Kyrie was returning to the lineup and the Celtics had seemed to really figure out the style in which they can succeed with.

While the losses were really bad and it’s clear the Celtics are not yet comfortable with their identity, that doesn’t excuse Kyrie’s non-stop “leadership” that’s he’s pulling in interviews post game.

Kyrie’s whole answer is pretty long, but I’ll hit you with the cliff notes. Basically his whole claim is that the Celtics are too inexperienced to succeed. I’ve always been a big proponent of letting Kyrie be a vocal leader on this team. He’s a superstar and we lean on him in the moments that matter most. But at some point it comes the time that Kyrie needs to help the clubhouse opposed to talking about their problems. Yes this team is young, and yes experience is a massive part of being comfortable in the NBA. That said, this club took LeBron’s Cavs to seven last season in the conference finals. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a hell of a learning experience. If Kyrie wants to really be the leader he says he is then he needs to grow up too.

He is a player that came into the league and had an immediate impact. He knows experience isn’t everything when it comes to showing up when it matters. Kyrie needs to bestow some of that mentality into the young guys, not bash them for just being young. The Celtics have arguably the deepest roster in the league, no matter the age. They can win now. But they need everyone on the same page.

That brings me to my next point.

This is not a great look, but my main issue here is the clear impatience it shows. Everyone wants to win, that’s good. Right now the problem is it seems everyone wants to win their own way. They need direction. Kyrie can be a type of guy that leads that. Horford too. In the end of the day, however, that all lies on the shoulders of our fearless leader Brad Stevens.

Stevens seemed to chalk the Morris/Brown stuff up to competitiveness I assume. We’ll never know because Stevens went full savage mode with his answer.

Stevens coolness in the face of questions about the altercations is what makes him great. But I think managing some of the egos will be their key to success. It’s hard to say he’s done a great job of doing that this season.

Now is the time to buy in. It’s getting to the point in the season where a team is what you see. They should be perfecting their system by now, not still trying to find their system.

I’m remaining patient, but if the Celtics can’t string together a real noteworthy run of wins, then I’ll be running to Staples to grab a panic button.

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