Is Mike Francesa The Biggest Fraud On Radio?

Nick Ru

I have a question.  What is the obsession with Mike Francesa?  The guy seems like a total fraud with no substance, just talks out of his ass and lies.  Let me take a few steps back and show you what I saw this weekend that is making me say this.

Now sometimes off the top of your head you forget what you bet.  It happens I wont act like I’ve said I knew someone would cover but actually thought the opposite.  We all make mistakes.  The difference is I am a smut blogger who writes “How To’s” on having the sex talk and makes top 10 lists about the worst things in porn.  Mike Francesa is a cocky arrogant prick who likes to think he knows more than everybody, is better than everybody and never get’s anything wrong.  Just watch that clip he’s so smug the way he answers everything and blatantly lies about it.  “Alabama was perfect against the spread I wasn’t gonna get off them.” as he laughs in the callers ear.  How does a big multi-million dollar radio personality not have research done to realize how wrong he is.  Then to say he won nine games in a row NINE GAMES!  Mike is an old man stuck in the ways of the past I get it, but he has to know someone is going to check those facts.  Insane for Mike to say he won NINE GAMES IN A ROW and go 3-11.  What a total and utter clown.

Of course Mike couldn’t help but continue to be a total fraud this weekend.

I know this just seems like a bad take, a guy who hasn’t been watching the Pats for the last 20 years.  It’s not though.  Mike could not help but make himself out to be a liar again

Contradicting himself completely.  Oh don’t worry Mike didn’t stop there.

This guy is paid millions of dollars to say this stuff folks.  Remember that, while you tweet out your opinions to your 182 followers and you are right 90% of the time, Mike Francesa is out here on radio lying and spewing nonsense to millions for millions contradicting himself every step of the way.

The thing that really bugs me about it is how smug and cocky he gets when he talks.  Like he knows more than everyone and he’s the best and when he is wrong, he just says “No I never said that.  The guy is a total fraud, a total and complete fraud.  I don’t get the love for the guy, just comes off as a pompous ass that gets EVERYTHING wrong.  If he wanted to get paid for incorrect hot takes he could just sit across from Skip Bayless.

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