Felger And Mazz Need To Publicly Admit They Were Very Wrong About Sony Michel


It’s one thing to have a very bad take. Max Kellerman has made his entire career of bad takes, including this one from just 2 days ago when he said he’d rather have ANY OTHER QB in the AFC than Tom Brady. The same Tom Brady who just curb stomped the Chargers to go to his 8th straight AFC championship, 13th total–76% of the seasons he’s started.











If you’re good at giving bad takes, it can be very good for your personal brand. Skip, Stephen A and Shannon Sharpe are the best in the biz at what they do. It’s a work of art, sensationalism at its finest and it drives the people wild.

Here in Boston we have Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti. They’ve built their entire brand on hating everything and trying to convince all of New England we should hate it too. It’s something I would ordinarily really appreciate; a consistent negative philosophy so you never get your hopes up enough to be let down. Personally it’s a mantra I can get behind. But for Boston radio, it’s older than Felger and Mazz themselves.

It’s time to be held accountable for your bad takes. More than just getting roasted by Old Takes Exposed or Freezing Cold Takes. I need people to call up the Sports Hub tomorrow and confront Tony Massarotti about one of his worst takes of all time. I need him to fall to his knees and admit he was 100% completely, totally, utterly wrong about Sony Michel. The Patriots are back in the AFC Championship, and hold me to this take; I don’t think they’d be there without Sony Michel.

It’s time we held these miserable fucks accountable for the stale, regurgitated garbage that spews from their little whiny, pissant mouths.










“He sucks. He blows. That guy’s awful.”

Felger tries to reign him in. “Are you willing to say that just 2 weeks in?” Mazz was willing to double down.

We all knew the circumstances. Sony Michel was picked in the 1st round, as the 31st pick.

The Patriots certainly could have used a running back going into the 2018 season, with Dion Lewis leaving and the absence of a real between the tackles runner. Losing Jeremy Hill in the preseason and Rex Burkhead early on with a neck injury, Sony Michel was forced into being an important piece of the offense before he was ready. He injured his knee in the training camp and missed the entire preseason. He started his NFL career in week 2, in September, a week Patriots fans could truly care less about. In Matt Patricia’s revenge game, Michel went 10 for 34 and it felt like McDaniels was forcing him down our throats a little too much. That run heavy play calling was part of the reason the Patriots dynasty ended for the first time this year. Despite all of these asterisks, Mazz was ready to throw in the towel on Michel.

“I don’t see it. I just don’t see it.”









“What I don’t see is first round talent.”








“You took a first round pick on that guy. Let alone that it’s a running back, but on THIS running back?”



“He’s not that big. Feels like he doesn’t withstand a hit very well on top of it.”



“I don’t see anything.”








“Holy crap, I just don’t see it.”







For Boston…Titletown…the City of Champions…we deserve better. We deserve media that knows just a little bit about what they are talking about. At a bare minimum we deserve the truth; to just admit when you’re wrong and have one of the worst takes in history. To reserve judgement on saying people blow or calling them assholes before the results are in. Tom Brady deserves to play a few average games without his own city racing to bury him. We deserve to watch Sony Michel pitter patter his little first round feet behind the offensive line to perfectly find a hole and hit it. We deserve James White turning a 3 yard catch into a 16 yard gain. We deserve Julian Edelman making a tough 3rd down catch after being decapitated by two defenders.  We deserve January (and sometimes February) football.

It appears we’re getting at least one of those things.






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