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Youth Sports Gone Wild Vol. 2

It’s wrestling season so I might as well tell you a truly horrifying tale. Old days(90s and prior) of youth wrestling your parents shelled out $30-45 to possibly be 1 match and done on a Sunday morning.(These days kids are usually guaranteed 3). This fact usually led to the “Dad Coaches” to get really heated over calls from the corner of the mat. This particular tournament was the Springfield Invitational. Deep inside the dark and dingy Springfield Delco High School they’d set up 8 mats and have you wrestle a whole bracket worth of kids if you won. One of my teammates with a hothead dad Coach was wrestling in their downstairs gym. It was a tight match but he was up by 1. With no time on the clock he gave up a takedown and according to the referee he lost the match by 1. His dad was pissed. Both kids shook hands and the ref was up and walking away. The dad took the clipboard he had and frisbeed it as hard as he could toward the ref. All I remember was seeing the ref duck and the kid drop like a bag of potatoes behind him. The frisbeed clipboard’s metal top cut the Achilles tenant of the opposing wrestler. All hell broke loose from there. First it was a bunch of dads from the other team jumping on my teams dad. Then came a whole slew of cops beating the hell out of him and dragging him away. The mat was soaked in blood. The kid was taken away to the hospital and our coach and teammate were banned from youth wrestling. Never heard what happened to the kid, just left with that lasting image of a large pool of blood on the mat. Now could these events been slightly different than i remembered? Possibly but for me and at least 3 of my buddies our 8-9 year old brains seem to remember it the same way.


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