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T-800’s are here

So we finally find ourselves in need of Sarah Conner and her son John Conner. 29 Scientists. 4 mother fucking blood thirsty robots. You’d think that every Fucking robot movie since the 70s would convince these Curiosity killed the cat scientists that “ya know what, let’s leave science fiction alone, we don’t need Skynet gathering us up for extermination.” Yeah that’s not enough for these assholes. These fucking pricks go and even load these fucking robots full of ammunition. Like they weren’t gonna kill you fucking dead dumbasses. Jesus man.

Fellow Human Survivors,

I do ask that now that Robots are here and Skynet is surely to rise that you look to me to be your John Connor. My mom can shoot a gun and definitely can knock a robot out with her deadly accuracy when throwing shoes.

– Chuckles


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Sports Journalist with an eye on being a sports talk radio host

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