Throwback Thursday: Texts From Last Night

Picture this: you’re in college. There’s no Instagram, Snapchat, people still have flip phones. Twitter was just barely a thing, so instead people sent 600 texts to each other per day. The group chats were lit. Instead of drunk Insta-storying, we got blackout and texted every single person we could think of. Before memes, there was a little something called Texts From Last Night.

Texts From Last Night was a website full of user submissions of funny texts from their friends. Anyone could go on there and just make up a message, type it in and get a few LOL’s. You checked Texts From Last Night daily, just to see if anyone posted a texts from your area code. Couldn’t send DM’s so we copied and pasted other funny text messages and texted them to each other. We paved the way for this generation of internet laughs.

Upon researching this I realized Texts From Last Night is still a thing; a functioning website. It’s like a graveyard of sorts…once a constant source of laughter and happiness, the modern day Texts From Last Night are unrelatable and unoriginal.


Apparently i disappeared and no one found me until the morning , but i have fifty missed calls

Ohhh the ol’ passing out drunk. We’ve all been there. But no one calls anyone anymore, come on.

Back in the day after a long night of drunk dialing your ex and crying on his voicemail, you’d panic when opening Facebook. Did someone post an album of horrible photos of you wasted peeing in a bush on someone’s lawn? You try to piece the night together from whatever photos made it to the Book like Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover. You get overwhelming anxiety that everyone is talking about how embarrassing and drunk you were, so you log into Texts From Last Night to identify with other people across the country doing the exact same shit. It was therapeutic.


this will be a night to untag.



he quoted cool runnings while we were having sex: feel the rythm,feel the rhyme, get on up, its bobsled time



So what if i ate it off the ground. Its like i found a five dollar bill just laying there, in burrito form.



grandma shit on top of the toilet




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