Doug Pederson Responds To Sean Paytons “Motivation” With More Motivation Up To Your Eye Balls

Nick Ru

Everyone heard the news today.  We all saw it.  Sean Payton is trying to motivate the Saints with $250K.

Oh you think that’s motivation Sean?  You think the Eagles are gonna be afraid of that?  You’re talking about the reigning, defending Superbowl champions.  Doug does not fear this move he is as cool as a cucumber and has the perfect response to Sean’s little trick.

Doug knows how to get the pulse of the people.  Ice cream.  Nothing get’s people going like Ice Cream.  That’s why Doug is a current champ and Sean paid players to hurt people.  That’s what makes some guys great and some guys just other guys.  Doug is great for that reason.  He knows NFL athletes love vanilla ice cream.  I love Doug for that reason.  He just get’s it more than anyone.  He’s like a walking talking PED and you cant spell Pederson without PED.  Best coach of all time?  You’re god damn right.  Eagles by 1000.

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