McCourty’s Return to Practice Gives Patriots Full Attendance Ahead of Chargers Game


The Patriots open up their playoffs in the divisional round, as they often do, and according to practice Wednesday, they will have all hands on deck for the biggest game of Phil Rivers’ career.

If you know Devin McCourty and also know how the NFL handles concussions, there was no question McCourty would play this weekend. However seeing him out there midweek, even if limited, is a great sign. He can get his breath back after being in a dark room for a week.

This may be Rivers’ biggest game of his career being that he can finally return to the AFC Championship while getting the monkey off his back by beating the Patriots Sunday, but it feels very much like business as usual in New England.

McDaniels declared his lifetime allegiance to the Patriots on Tuesday.

Bill was joking about Trey Flowers’ nightmares, which he’s definitely having because all he’s thinking about all day is burying quarterbacks.

And now McCourty is back. Life couldn’t be better for the Patriots who I hope are ready to employ a brand new shiny offense headed by James White come Sunday. They do that and the secondary plays up to par for the season on the other side of the ball and the Pats will walk comfortably into the AFC Championship for the 8th straight season.

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Feature Image via USA Today

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