Did Bama Belong..?

So if you haven’t caught on yet, or somehow have been living under a rock and don’t know… I am a diehard Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan.

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No, I did not go to school there (I’m not smart enough) maybe it was just from seeing Rudy as a kid, I don’t know. But I am Gold and Blue through and through.

I have been getting so much crap this College Football Season that ND didn’t belong. Their schedule was a joke, 12-0 didn’t mean anything and there is no chance they should have been in they Playoff.

Then they go out and get bossed around my Clemson in the Cotton Bowl. The defense showed up to start the game but then Clemson put the foot down and won the game 30-3.

Image – Indy Star

And there it was… See… “ND SUCKS.” “They never belonged.”

I’m especially looking at you CEO Joe. Joe has been on my case all season. And was the first to dance on my Irish Grave when Clemson won. He has also been flying the Roll Tide flag all year.

Tua and the Tide will run away with the title. Tua hasn’t even had to play in the 4th QTR. That was until Tua and the boys got roughed up by the Bulldogs and Hurts had to save their season…

About that season. The Tide opened with Louisville, Arkansas State and Ole Miss, joke joke joke. I give them credit for a good win of A&M but then back to LA-Lafayette. And the Irish don’t play anyone??

Then a win against Mizzou who stinks and Tennessee who’s worse. Their biggest two wins came on back to back shutouts of LSU and Miss St. Impressive. But then throw in that always tough game against… The Citadel. I mean come on.

Then an always tough win (against a down) Auburn team. Was their schedule thaaaaat rough? They beat the teams on their schedule just as the Irish did. Then they snuck by Georgia (who should have been in over Oklahoma) who the Tide also beat in the semi.

Then came Monday night. The mighty Tide and Tua against Clemson. And Saban’s boys GOT WAXED!! 44-16.. I mean at least the Irish held them to 30. Clemson did whatever they wanted against Alabama.

Image – MSN

It was like watching a murder on live TV. It looked like Saban knew it was done by halftime and didn’t care. Maybe THEY didn’t belong. Maybe THEY were the fraud.

Yeah Georgia lost to Texas in the Sugar Bowl but it was because they were disinterested. If they were in over the Sooners I guarantee you the title game would have been Georgia Clemson and it would have at least been a game.

Image – USA Today

The Tide quit. A little adversity and boom they folded. Now instead of crushing the Irish maybe we should have just praise Clemson. Maybe the Irish weren’t that bad, maybe Clemson was just that good.

I think Tua’s reign is over. Clemson and Lawrence are about to rip off 3 straight Championships!

Image – Sporting News

-Kmess “That Guy”

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January 9, 2019 4:55 pm

Quit trying to make your Irish look better. If they played Alabama they would have gotten beaten like a middle schoolers dick.