Bruins Win Their Fifth Straight in Convincing Fashion

The whole first half of the season I have talked about the Bruins and how the injuries were hurting them, but if they could stay afloat they would be alright when everyone returns. While they did stay afloat and since Bergeron’s return they’ve been one of the best teams in hockey, I don’t think it was getting back the injured players that turned the tides.

I’m now thinking that 2019 is simply the Bruins’ year. We’re now almost two weeks into the new year and Bruins have yet to lose. They may never lose a game all year who knows? There has yet to be proof to the contrary. Tuesday night was yet another example of it being the Bruins year as they made Minnesota look like fools all night long.

The whole team is clicking and having fun doing it. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the locker room so loose and together. They have an energy about them that can take them a long way. They aren’t afraid to take chances on the ice and aside from a few brutal drubbings for both Halak and Rask, the goaltending has been great.

One thing that is always is a good sign in hockey is all the players have been chirping a lot. They’re chirping other teams…

They’re shit talking each other…

And Cassidy is even getting subtle jabs out to the media.

Bonus points if you watch past the first jab at the media in the opening seconds to hear that McAvoy is very close to returning as he was full go in practice today.

The moral of the story is chirping is good. When you’re talking shit then you feel comfortable. Comfortable is good.

The Bruins are rolling and their top line, the best line in hockey, Bergeron, Pasta and Marchand, are throwing the team on their back. At this pace who knows how far it will take them. A good trade deadline and a healthy roster could find the Bruins right back into the role as the team you don’t want to see come playoff time. With the luck they have had this season, it’s an amazing testament to this team to be in the favorable position they find themselves in.

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Feature Image via Bleacher Report

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