Woman Caught On Tape PEEING On Floor Of Supermarket

“A woman has been slammed on social media, after footage of her dropping her trousers and urinating all all over the floor in a shop has been released.

The customer was out shopping at Foodworks in Collinsville, Queensland, Australia, when it seems she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

The footage shared on Facebook by Foodworks shows her baring her bottom and relieving herself in the middle of the floor.

Foodworks called out the customer in the now-deleted post for her behaviour, writing: “if you need a toilet just ask”.

“Don’t pee on the floor of Foodworks please,” they added.

Social media users were quick to criticise the woman for her actions.” -Mirror Uk

I know what everyone is thinking.  This is gross, how can somebody do this?  What kind of animal pee’s in a supermarket like this?  I agree, it is gross but I have to admit, I kind of understand it.  Look at this picture…


She clearly feels a lot of shame and sadness in doing this.  She must have really had to go.  Her bladder was full they clearly told her employee use only for the bathrooms.  She didn’t have any other choice but to pull her pants down and pee right in front of the packaged nuts.  We’ve all been there.  You’re out in public, you feel it coming on and your legs get heavy.  You sweat a little because the weight of your urine is on your mind.  You think to yourself, ok I’ll grab one more thing and I’ll get out of here but you can’t even think about what that one thing is, you need to pee so bad.  Its clouding your mind and you don’t know what to do.  If you could just pee you could settle down relax and regroup.  Where to pee though?  So she drops trouse and let’s it fly, she had to avoid a UTI possibly we don’t know what was going on so we should not judge.  It’s not fair that dogs can let loose anytime they get the feeling, so should people.  I stand with this woman!

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