Why The Packers Would Have Been Better Off Signing Peter LaFleur Over Matt LaFleur


The Packers have officially hired the wrong LaFleur.

The Green Bay Packers have hired Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur as their new head coach. And if you ask me…they made a huge mistake. They should have gone with the more superior LaFleur…

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Peter LaFleur should have been the obvious choice as the Packers next head coach.

Think about it…this guy is just sitting on the free agent market with a stacked resume.

Peter LaFleur has conquered many challenges in his career. And who cares if it was in a completely different sport like dodgeball? His instincts could easily be transferred over to the football field.

We’re talking about a guy who took a team that qualified for the ADAA tournament on a failed steroid test of Bernice the Girl Scout and not only brought them to the championship, but won it. And people brag about Sean McVay’s worst to first with the Rams…

We’re talking about a man who took over for the Don Shula of dodgeball, Coach Patches O’Houlihan, and won the ADAA Championship with no coaching experience. Joe Philbin couldn’t get the Packers to playoff contention after taking over for Mike McCarthy and he knew Aaron Rodgers inside and out. So now Matt LaFleur is gonna do it? Sure…

We’re talking about a dude who can handle any set of a characters or personalities. Peter LaFleur captained and coached a pirate, the hot temper of Gordon, an anxiety-ridden high school male cheerleader, a chick with gunslinger of a cannon and outsmarted the biggest personality of them all: White Goodman. There isn’t a better person to handle that huge ego of Aaron Rodgers.

We’re talking about a mere mortal who convinced CHUCK NORRIS to let his team back into the tournament after his own mistake. Tell me a time when Matt LaFleur has faced ANY kind of pressure like that.

And lastly…we’re talking about a man who isn’t afraid to risk it all and take a shot. I mean…just look at his Sudden Death match to defeat the Globo Gym Purple Cobras. All Matt LaFleur is known for his running the ball…but what happens if he doesn’t have Derrick Henry? Who knows. Instead, give me the guy who is willing to FUCKING BLINDFOLD HIMSELF and dodge a ball with nothing but his other senses. That’s a guy who knows pressure and can teach Aaron Rodgers how to up his 2-minute drill game.

Instead, the Packers are stuck with a guy who did this with the Titans last season…

  • 25th rank in total offense
  • 26th rank in points-per-game
  • 29th rank in total passing
  • 7th in rushing (not bad, but NOT top 5)
  • 18 total turnovers
  • Couldn’t close the deal on making the playoffs (I don’t care if Mariota was out, Doug Pederson just did it AGAIN with fucking Nick Foles)

I know we’re not even to next season yet, but I can’t wait for the Bears to welcome this guy to the division as The Kings of the North.

Maybe Swaggy Nagy should hire Peter LaFleur as a special assistant too…




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