We Need Justice For Aldridge #HeToo

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2018 was all about the #MeToo movement. A powerful and necessary movement to help empower women. Well after this clip I am officially declaring 2019 the year of the #HeToo movement.

Who does this thirty girl think she is? Aldridge is not just some piece of meat lady! He has been an all-star 6 or the last 7 years, a 2nd overall pick and a former McDonald’s all-American. Show some damn respect! Also isn’t taking a picture of another person’s private parts unwillingly is a crime right? We all witnessed a crime on national television and no one did a thing. Justice for Aldridge

Another thing we need to address, is that her boyfriend next to her? If so, I demand justice for him as well. Haven’t seen a white dude get cucked that hard not on PornHub in my life. H’s friends see this the next day and that’s it for him. No way friends let him hear the end of it.

So Branded Sports stands with you LaMarcus. Justice for every man out there that is being objectified just because you’re 6’11” and most likely have a hose. You deserve better and this type of thotness will not go unnoticed. #HeToo

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