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Ladies, if you ever have thought to yourself that your man spends too much time going to the bathroom you may not want to let him see this! If you thought it was hard to get him out of there before… you’ve got no chance now.

Kohler is introducing the Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet. You may ask yourself “what is an intelligent toilet?” Well, I am glad you asked! This toilet comes with everything you could ever dream of. It has a heated seat, a bidet and a dryer. Also, comes packed with with color changing LED lights and speakers to better set the mood while you use the throne. The main selling point for this smart toilet however, is that it is controlled by Alexa!

Ever wanted to be able to control your toilet while you sit there?! Now you can! “Alexa, playing today’s top hits” done! “Alexa, change mood lighting to blue” boom… done. “Alexa, flush!” Flushed! Or the best yet…”Alexa, order me a pizza” (weird, I know. But you can do it!)

Only problem… one of these toilets will run you 7K for the white model and 8K for the black model. If you have that kind of money to flush down the toilet… I mean buy. I’d love to know how it works!

-Messy Marv


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