This Girl Has To Breakup With Her Boyfriend 10000000000% After This Move

Saw this on twitter this morning sitting at the airport waiting. I immediately became irrationally upset. The picture looks like cooked vomit.

Now I understand this isn’t her boyfriend that did this but she still needs to leave this guy for a number of reasons.

1. Clearly he makes poor decisions. You don’t live with another person when you find out they do shit like this. I’d bet my life her boyfriend’s roommate also saves the skin he peels off himself when he is sunburned in the summer.

2. This is precrime. The roommate is a future murderer or at least kidnapper. This screams “put the lotion in the basket.” She can’t put herself in this level of danger. Sleeping over your boyfriend’s place is now a game of life or death. Her family and friends need to step in before this becomes the cautionary tale of boy meets girl, boy moves in with a non seasoned chicken eating roommate, said roommate chops both boy and girl into a million pieces and eats them.

A tale as old as time

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