The Story Of Nick Foles Is One Of The Most Incredible Stories Being Told

Where do you begin with talking about the story of Nick Foles?  Do you start with last year?  Do you start with the 27-2 season?  Do you start with the game winner against the Bucs his rookie year?  Where do you start it?  That I really don’t know but what I do know is his story, a story that is still being told, a story that will continue to be told win or lose Sunday is not only one the greatest stories ever told, its miraculous.

I admittedly have always considered Foles to be an average QB, that’s probably not fair to him he’s better than average.  Is he great?  He can be, he has been at times.  Sunday night was he great?  Up until that last drive no, he was good, he did enough to stay in the game despite throwing two picks.  That last drive though.  That last drive was special.  You’re playing the number one defense in football, on the road in the playoffs down by 5.  If you don’t score it’s over, season’s over, career in Philly is done, and he was great.  He didn’t panic he trusted his guys he made great throws, Doug called great plays, it was just special.  That leads me to the point of this blog, the Nick Foles story is the most incredible story we may ever witness in pro sports.

Nick Foles came out of college was never expected to do anything great and joined the Eagles and a very bad team in 2012.  They were bad losing 8 in a row and in comes this Nick Foles cat from the University of Arizona.  He had played well in two loses and going into Tampa it didn’t seem like much would change.  They didn’t put up many points but were in the game and with 2 seconds left on the clock he rolls out gets the ball to Maclin to stop an eight game losing streak, clutch.  Then Chip Kelly came in and changed everything.

It’s 2013 and Chip Kelly takes over the Eagles.  Everyone know’s the story 27 touchdowns and 2 picks.  He started in 10 games played in 13 but he was great.  The Eagles would lose to the Saints in the playoffs in a game where Foles left the field with the lead.  Then in 2014 things went south.  Desean Jackson was cut, Foles started 8 games and had 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.  Not a year to remember.  Then he just became a guy in a trade for Sam Bradford, his Eagles career seemed over.  What reason would he have to come back?  Why would he come back.  His story didn’t get any better from there.  Jeff Fisher cut him, said he wasn’t good enough, said he didn’t have it.  So he left, he went to play in Kansas City for Andy Reid and started one game threw 3 touchdowns and no picks on the year and his career seemed over.  He was unhappy, he didn’t love football anymore and ever since that 27 and 2 season, nothing great happened, and just like every great story ever told, everything changed.

Nick Foles decided to come back to Philadelphia.  He decided he wanted to come back to a place he loved and back up the new golden child.  The man who was going to bring ring’s to Philly, the man that would end suffering and heart ache for everyone.  Through 13 games that seemed to be true, Foles was going to watch from the sideline as Carson Wentz did the unthinkable in Philly, and the good guy Foles is, he loved watching it.  Then on a Sunday night in LA, a beautiful day as the sun was setting everything changed.  Wentz MVP was gone, the Superbowl was gone, nothing mattered anymore.  It was done, Foles was now the starter, Wentz was out and the NFC East championship, the first round bye the home field advantage didn’t matter.  Nick Foles didn’t know that, Doug Pederson didn’t know that, everyone in the locker room didn’t know that.  This is where the story of Nick Foles get’s really great.

Nick Foles came in and he wasn’t lights out.  He was clutch against the Giants, bad against the Raiders, didn’t do anything against the Cowboys and against the Falcons was a non factor in freezing temps.  In come the number on defense Minnesota Vikings off of a miracle win, and Nick Foles just stomped them out like trash.  He put a hurting on them and beat them down until they screamed uncle.  He then got ready for a Superbowl game where the entire world thought this was it and it was over.  Somehow someway, Nick played the perfect football game, he couldn’t miss, he was incredible the world was shocked, Philly was shocked nobody knew what to do.  He did what we all expected Wentz to do.  He brought us a Superbowl, he gave us a championship in one of the greatest Superbowls of all time.  A game that will never be forgotten, what a way to end this story, he was MVP for chest sake!  Except Nick just couldn’t help but make sure this story wasn’t finished yet.

Nick comes into the 2018 season as a starter for two games, just to give the ball back to Wentz.  He knew he would be we all did.  We all were ready for a repeat and it just didn’t seem like it was going to happen.  Then down 19-3 at halftime to the Giants sitting at 4-6 the season was over and Doug Pederson coached his balls off and brought the Eagles back.  Then they beat the Redskins.  All they had to do next was beat the Cowboys.  Beat the Cowboys the NFC East and the playoffs are yours.  They played a terrible first half went into overtime and lost.  Then all of a sudden Wentz was out, he had a broken back and even though we knew the season was over, it was officially put to bed.  They were swept by the Cowboys.  They lost 48-7 to the Saints and they had to go to LA and beat the Rams?  No chance.  Season is done, and just like that the best chapter of the Nick Foles story is starting.

They beat a great Rams team on the road.  They beat a good Texans team at home.  Going into week 17  they would for sure beat the Redskins but they needed the Bears to win.  Needed the Bears to be good and Nick Foles sprinkles some magic on it and the Bears win.  Now after just playing a road game, he has to go back on the road and beat the best defense in football?  How many miracles can this guy come up with?  Well Nick Foles walks into Chicago and while he wasn’t great when it mattered the dude was clutch.  He was damn near perfect and with a little more magic and a man’s pinky finger, the Eagles are headed to play the Saints, on the road as underdogs again.  Sunday we add more to the Nick Foles story.  Win or lose I’m sure it’s going to be the best chapter yet.


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January 8, 2019 12:20 pm

Tell me the story like you’re the piano man dad