The Celtics Drew Up the Blueprint to a Championship Team in Monday’s Win

The Celtics were back on the court for the first time since Friday when they hosted a televised clinic against Brooklyn Monday night. Save four straight threes to start the game for Brooklyn, the Celtics waxed the Nets, winners of 12 of their last 15 before Monday.

It wasn’t just the 21 point drubbing they put on the hot Nets that made the performance so memorable. The Celtics had eight players with double-digit points in the win proving how smooth and effective this roster can be. They have one of the deepest rosters in the league and everyone came to prove it against Brooklyn.

The only downside to the night may have been Brown who has been finding his groove again recently. But even in his case, despite only having 4 points, it was what we’ll call a gritty performance. He got into foul trouble and shot poorly, but made sure he didn’t hurt the flow of the offense. He was a +15 for the night with 5 boards, 4 assist and 4 blocks.

On the night that they get back all but one of their injured players in Kyrie, Morris and Robert Williams. Kyrie finished with a modest 17 points and Morris had a solid 12 and a good night from behind the arch. The Time Lord didn’t see the court until late in the game, but he made sure people knew when he was out there with a demoralizing slam.

The only remaining injury is that ogre Aaron Banes who will be back very soon from his hand injury.

This is the Celtics team that can win multiple championships. It’s not super fancy and it’s not as exciting as watching a Harden, Curry or even Kyrie go for 50 points, but it sure is effective. The Celtics played perfect team basketball Monday night and if they can bottle up tonight’s efficiency and use it as your model moving forward then the ceiling for this team just skyrocketed.

If you consider the depth of talent on this roster and how it allows the Celtics to apply pressure on both sides no matter the rotation on the court, add in the fact that Kyrie is a cold blooded killer that can bail you out if needed, then you may as well start stitching the banner now.

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